About SNI

SNI was created in 1995 as a cooperative network of excellence by experts in the space and telecommunications fields.

From the outset it has set great store in assuring consistent quality of delivery through combining effective methodology with high expertise and sound management technique. SNI’s multidisciplinary teams rely for achieving this standard of delivery on the systems approach in particular, which includes the analysis of systems dynamics (systemics).

This approach provides a common framework for structuring different situations, relationships, scenarios, desired outcomes and the means to achieve them. Senior SNI consultants have furthermore themselves contributed to systems theory research.

SNI applies its approach in clear, everyday terms adapted to the practical context of each project and in pursuit of rigorous planning.

Translating this approach into its own organizational structure, SNI operates at the strategic level and is thus the interface for commencing projects. ITSS Ltd or another entity then assumes responsibility once a project has been approved by SNI and has advanced sufficiently to proceed formally to implementation.

The result: A solid record of achievement, versatility and value

SNI’s project portfolio bears witness to the power of it’s approach throughout the studies, reports, network and other plans, legislative texts, regulatory instruments, policy papers, and agreements prepared or negotiated by SNI consultants. It also demonstrates their versatility as government or corporate advisers, including on the top floor of commercial affairs and technological diplomacy. On the other hand, SNI’s structure means SNI is able to avoid overheads other organizations incur, so providing excellent value for money. SNI has further spun off operational capabilities from its consultancy work that now provide further value to clients, such as in the form of audiovisual and internet services.