ICT and space consulting

ICT and Space Consulting 

Telecommunications, terrestrial and satellite, and then internet applications and related issues, is the field in which SNI first became active. Its particularly broad experience in the Information and Communications Technologies area since the period of telecoms liberalization extends to:

  • governmental and private regulatory and policy consultancy
  • strategic advisory support regarding infrastructure and connectivity projects.

Space constitutes the other major pillar of SNI’s competence, and the one for which SNI is usually best known. The SNI team includes long sectoral experience from the policy to the industrial level and across a wide spectrum of programme and applications areas and issues, national, regional and international. Team members have made considerable contributions in the literature and some have patents in their name for inventions they made.

SNI in both these fields benefits from its contacts with European and international organizations and businesses as well as from the academic affiliations of SNI team members at institutions of academic excellence. The competence indicated here also extends to revelant neighbouring fields, such as satellite navigation for air traffic management and IP and innovation policy related to strategic IT.