Network Concept

The SNI Network Concept

SNI is an independent managed international business network of excellence, organized as an economic cooperative. What does this mean? The following:

  • SNI’s successful pursuit of excellence has seen off stiff competition for more than two decades, attesting that SNI is a viable alternative to the consultancy conglomerates.
  • SNI’s competitive edge results from combining exceptional and diverse expertise in SNI and managing its projects under strict quality control adapted to each project.
  • SNI is entirely self-financing and self-run, making it beholden to no special interests.
  • SNI’s cooperative arrangements facilitate the exchange of know-how and skills across project areas, encouraging team members to see and think outside the box.
  • SNI’s balance of its collaborative structure with efficient arrangements for implementing projects preserves SNI’s versatility while assuring effective delivery.

An advantage in practice of the SNI network concept is its stability; SNI has welcomed several arrivals since its foundation in 1995, but witnessed few departures. Another, and related advantage, is the collective wisdom that has formed from its team’s powerful combination of experience — obtained in some of the world’s leading organizations, like NATO, the EU, ESA and companies like BT, Inmarsat and Siemens. Finally, SNI is highly cost effective in terms of the expertise actually provided to the client and agile compared to its competitors in the large consultancies and law firms. We do more with less.